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A.1- If the User is an individual, he/she is informed that his/her personal data, to which the Bank has access as a result of queries, transactions, operations, agreement applications, signing-up of products and services taking place via any channel, or as a result of the computerized processing of data already registered, are included in the respective file with the Bank. The User hereby authorizes the latter to process the data needed to be used in connection with the implementation of the agreed operation or service, which will be compulsory.

A.2- The User expressly authorizes the Bank to use his/her data in the offer and signing-up of Grupo Santander products and services, as well as the implementation of commercial action, either of a general nature or adapted to his/her personal characteristics. Such commercial action may be implemented by e-mail or other equivalent means of electronic communication.

Authorise  No Authorise

A.3- The User authorises the notification or assignment of the aforementioned data to companies belonging to Grupo Santander for the same purpose as stated in the preceding paragraphs, therefore extending to such companies the express authorization for the use of e-mil or its equivalent. The interested parties are also advised that such data are assigned henceforth to the companies whose names and addresses are indicated below. In the case of the subsequent assignment of data to other companies belonging to the Group, the parties agree that the Bank will notify such assignments to the interested party in the manner normally used to inform them of the products they have signed up with the Bank.

Authorise  No Authorise

A.4- The User is advised of his/her right of opposition, access, rectification and cancellation with respect to his/her personal data under the terms established by law, being able to exercise such right by means of a written notification, together with a copy of his/her Identity Document, addressed to the Servicio de Atención al Cliente (Customer Attention Service), Ciudad Grupo Santander, Avenida de Cantabria s/n - 28660 Boadilla del Monte (Madrid), the registered address of which for such purpose is that stated above, is responsible for such file.

B.- In compliance with the provisions of the Organic Law for the Protection of Personal Data, included below is a list of the Grupo Santander companies to which personal data may be assigned.

C.-The User may revoke any authorisations given for the use or assignment of his/her personal data, with the exception of the provision of paragraph A.1 of this clause which is obligatory, in the same way as contemplated in paragraph A.4 above.